Backend Engineer

We are looking for a Backend & DevOps Developer to help support our civic tech and data initiatives by helping us build data platforms and tools with a key focus on infrastructure management. These efforts will help our partner organizations engage with open-content and open-data in key social sectors like Public Finance and Judiciary.

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Key Responsibilities

  • Build and maintain end-to-end open source platforms to handle large scale data flowing from various sectors and geographies and develop analysis components on top of it. - Build and manage open source projects. - Work with large scale data inflow and outflow. - Develop and maintain infrastructure as a code. - Develop monitoring and evaluation of various data platforms.

  • Create backend tools and maintain a scalable infrastructure for large scale data platforms.

  • Development and maintenance of data pipelines, to work around big and small datasets, through workflows that can be programmatically authored, scheduled and monitored.

  • Work on developing data models and pipeline architecture, implementation and orchestration.

  • Build and manage scalable Data APIs across key sectors.

Desired Skills

  • Thorough knowledge of Python.

  • Should have an understanding of handling and manipulating data and basic querying mechanisms (SQL and alike) as well as data cleaning and manipulation.

  • Should have sound knowledge of best practices for indexing and querying, normalization, distributed databases, caching methodologies etc.

  • Knowledge of web scraping frameworks (e.g. Scrapy) or tools and experience with various nuances of web scraping.

  • Should be well versed with scalable infrastructure practices such as microservice architecture, infrastructure as code, distributed systems, scaling methods, load balancing etc.

  • Should be familiar with Git workflow.

Good To Have

  • Prior experience working on Open Source projects.

  • Prior experience in working with Data/Tech communities.

  • Collaborating with government or research-based organizations on past projects.

  • A sense of humour.

  • Prior experience of working remotely.

Perks & Benefits



40,000 / yr

  • Gym membership or yoga therapy
  • Learn to play a music instrument
  • Photography lessons
  • Anything for your well being

Personal Growth & Development

50,000 / yr

  • Online courses
  • Hardware or software licenses
  • Summer schools
  • Events & conferences

Practical Assistance

Home Office Setup

25,000 / yr

Since you work remotely, we want to make sure your home office is comfortable. You can expense up to INR 25,000 annually to set up your home office. This includes internet services, other tech infrastructure, etc.

Coworking Space Stipend

CivicDataLab encourages usage of coworking spaces. Please make sure you're using a true coworking space that's meant solely for working, not a club or social space.

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