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About Us

CivicDataLab works with the goal to use data, tech, design and social science to strengthen the course of civic engagements in India. We work to harness the potential of open-source movement to enable citizens to engage better with public reforms. We aim to grow data and tech literacy of governments, nonprofits, think-tanks, media houses, universities etc to enable data-driven decision making at scale.


What We Offer

Data Strategy

Planning and preparing organizations to do good with data

Data Platform

Building scalable platforms for data collection, publishing, stories and more

Data Science

Advancing data to insights for greater impact and sustainability

The people who make it happen!

The Team

Apoorv Anand Profile Pic

Apoorv Anand

Apoorv works at an intersection of Data science and engineering. He loves, develops and promotes open source software and research. He has been part of the data science teams at Ola and SocialCops and now works to strengthen the data-for-good ecosystem in the country

Deepthi Chand Profile Pic

Deepthi Chand

Deepthi Chand aka DC is a data and tech evangelist. He has been instrumental as a chapter leader in defining the working operations of DataKind Bangalore. He has previously worked as a software consultant at Sahaj and Thoughtworks.

Gaurav Godhwani Profile Pic

Gaurav Godhwani

Gaurav works to strengthen data-for-good ecosystem in India, he has been instrumental in starting initiatives like DataKind Bangalore & Open Budgets India. He is passionate about Open Data, Open Source Tech, Education and Human Rights.

Shreya Agarwal Profile Pic

Shreya Agrawal

Shreya Agrawal is a data fanatic who loves to scrutanize data as well as answering unanswered questions using visualizations. She also enjoy developing softwares.

Swati Jaiswal Profile Pic

Swati Jaiswal

Swati is an Open Source enthusiast. She is passionate about the social impact of technology and works to add her contribution to the same. She has previously worked with Scrapinghub.

Vivek Shrinivasan

Vivek Shrinivasan

Vivek works on designing and building web products. He previously worked at Gramener and Informatica where he designed and lead a team to build data products and dashboards for organisations like BMGF and Govt of India. He is passionate about design and its impact on people.